Global Lead Network: Advocacy Tools

Advocacy Tools

This section is designed to provide resources and information that NGOs and others can use to advocate for leaded gasoline phase-out and prevention of exposure to other sources of lead.

Current Initiatives »

The interdisciplinary issue of lead poisoning creates many avenues for advocacy and policy. Although all aspects require attention from the Network, certain goals and priorities must be set. This section highlights the most active projects currently being undertaken by the Network and provides resources and additional information to support action.

These best practices are intended to serve as adaptable models of action for NGOs, governments, and the private sector working at the community, national, regional, or international levels. Building on each other’s experiences helps prevent having to reinvent the wheel and avoid repeating common pitfalls. Submit your own best practice and share your experience with other Network members.

Tools for Lead Poisoning Prevention »

This area contains background information on lead poisoning prevention that NGOs and community advocates can use in their work.

Resources for Capacity-Building »

Links to websites committed to the organization, training, networking, and capacity-building of NGOs are provided.

Working with the Media »

Media coverage and cooperation is an integral part of any advocacy campaign. Here, advocates can view press releases and link to websites that demonstrate how to use the media effectively.

Working with Policymakers and Advocacy Techniques »

Questions about lobbying policymakers or devising an advocacy plan? Visit several websites offering advocacy and lobbying strategies, lessons learned, and tips.