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Publications from the Alliance

Childhood Lead Poisoning: Blueprint for Prevention
The Blueprint sets forth the compelling reasons why it is in everyone’s interest to develop, mandate, fund, and sustain lead poisoning prevention programs based on source control. This Handbook also outlines the elements of an effective prevention program.

The Global Dimensions of Lead Poisoning: An Initial Analysis
The first attempt to systematically collect, compare, and analyze published and unpublished data on human lead exposure and environmental lead contamination outside of the U.S. Provides case study analyses of six nations’ experience with lead contamination and poisoning, and recommends international, national, and local prevention policies. Jointly developed with the Environmental Defense Fund.

Global Dimensions of Lead Poisoning: The First International Prevention Conference (final report)
Global Dimensions of Lead Poisoning: The First International Prevention Conference was convened by the Alliance To End Childhood Lead Poisoning in Washington, DC on May 19-20, 1994. Over 250 advocates, officials, and experts from diverse backgrounds and representing 37 countries in all regions of the world participated in this groundbreaking conference. The purposes of Global Dimensions of Lead Poisoning were to build increased international awareness to lead poisoning and its harmful effects, and to work together to develop and implement permanent solutions based on prevention.

International Action Plan for Preventing Lead Poisoning
This International Action Plan is intended to serve as a guide for international and regional organizations; national, state, and local governments; the private sector; and nongovernmental and community-based organizations to enable them to develop, advocate, and implement prevention strategies and programs. Because the sources of exposure vary from country to country and community to community, all recommendations in this Plan may not apply to all situations. This Plan provides a comprehensive framework flexible enough to be adapted to meet country-specific conditions.

Myths and Realities of Phasing Out Leaded Gasoline
A major obstacle to leaded gasoline phase-out is the persistence of several myths. These myths simply do not hold up when forced to stand side-by-side with the facts. The purpose of this document is to examine and refute these myths.

Preventing Lead Poisoning in the Americas (156k PDF)
Conference and Workshop Report, April 17-18, 1998, Santiago, Chile. This report is also available in Spanish (188k PDF).

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