Global Lead Network: About the Global Lead Network

The Global Lead Network is sponsored by the Alliance To End Childhood Lead Poisoning (see below for more information on the Alliance) and is designed to develop and implement a coordinated global initiative to advance prevention policy. The network provides a forum for NGOs, local and national governments, regional organizations, overseas development aid programs, the private sector, multilateral lending institutions, and United Nations agencies to work toward implementing international commitments on leaded gasoline phase-out and lead poisoning prevention.

Specific goals of the network include: facilitating direct, interlocal information exchange and collaboration among NGOs; fostering genuine interdisciplinary coordination and partnership among the disciplines that must be a part of prevention – environment, public health, education, occupational safety and health, planning, transportation, energy, and housing; and coordinating cooperation among agencies and organizations around the world to formulate and implement prevention policy, innovative solutions, and “best practices.”

This website, which was made possible in part through the generosity of the Winslow Foundation, serves as the foundation for the Network. The website provides Network members with policy and advocacy information and tools; searchable databases of members, legislation, best practices, and citations; and opportunities to share information and collaborate through discussion threads and on-line conferences. However, access to the web is not necessary to participate. Information is shared with low/no-technology organizations and individuals via fax or mail. In addition, a future and critical component of this Network will entail partnering with NGOs in different regions that will coordinate region-wide activities and facilitate the participation of community organizations and citizens without access to the web.

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