Global Lead Network: The International Action Plan

The International Action Plan

The International Action Plan is available in its entirety in the following languages:

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Purpose of the International Action Plan

This International Action Plan is intended to serve as a guide for international and regional organizations; national, state, and local governments; the private sector; and nongovernmental and community-based organizations to enable them to develop, advocate, and implement prevention strategies and programs. Because the sources of exposure vary from country to country and community to community, all recommendations in this Plan may not apply to all situations. This Plan provides a comprehensive framework flexible enough to be adapted to meet country-specific conditions.

Table of Contents
  1. A Plan for Action: Summary
  2. Who Must Act: Implementing Lead Poisoning Prevention Strategies
    1. National Governments: Leaders in Policy Development and Implementation
    2. International/Regional Organizations: Developing International Strategies and Supporting National Efforts
    3. Local Governments: Planning and Implementing Community-Based Programs
    4. Nongovernmental and Community-Based Organizations: Partners in Prevention
    5. The Private Sector: Filling the Gaps
  3. Now Is The Time for International Action
    1. Lead Poisoning Is a Global Problem
    2. The Only Solution to Lead Poisoning Is Prevention
    3. The International Setting: Lead Poisoning Prevention Advances the Goals of Sustainability and Agenda 21
  4. References